Seitz Specific Chiropractic

Dr. Kenneth W. Seitz - Upper Cervical Chiropractor
171 Main Street
Milford, MA 01757
(508) 478-4344

Initial History

Dr. Seitz will complete a thorough initial health history and chiropractic examination.

Computerized Thermal Imaging

Dr. Seitz uses an extremely sensitive method of analysis called Computerized  Thermal Imaging or CTICTI has the ability to detect very small changes in the nervous system while using no radiation.  It does this by detecting infrared heat from the surface of your body which is under direct control of your nervous system.  Differences in temperature from opposite sides of the spine are then compared to establish normal values,  in the same way blood tests are,  to determine the level of nervous system dysfunction.  Dr. Seitz experience with this technology enables him to quickly arrive at an accurate analysis so he can find the cause to your condition.  

Specialized Adjustments

Which can safely and effectively restore proper nervous system function without the use of medications and surgery.

On-Site X-Ray