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What is it that allows us to feel good and remain free from pain?

Is it a new vitamin, diet or exercise?  Exercise and proper nutrition

could certainly aid our health, but there are no guarantee of it.  What then

controls the health process?  Have you noticed when several people

are exposed to a cold some will catch it and others will not.  This is because

a healthy body is designed to fight off illness and care for itself.  When

damaged your body begins the complex process of healing without any

thought or effort on your part.  This ability to heal and maintain health is

 controlled by your nervous system.  Vital messages are constantly being

sent between your brain and body to maintain proper health.  These

messages control every function in the body; from muscle actions,

hormone levels, and immune function to all organ systems.  If a problem

occurs with this communication your body can not maintain itself and

sickness results.  Thus, because of the nervous  systems influence over

your entire body, the key to health is a properly

functioning nervous system.